Conventional Septic System

In a conventional septic system, the water undergoes an anaerobic process and a physical treatment before it is discharged to a leach field. The nutrients will be used in the soil in the leach field.

By using BIO-BLOK® in the leach field you will introduce a larger aerobic zone which provides a more efficient removal of nutrients before the water infiltrates into the groundwater.

Reedbed System

A reedbed system is an environmentally friendly system where the nutrients in the wastewater are used by the plants.

BIO-BLOK® helps to distribute the water so there is a good interaction between the water and the roots.

Small Sewage Treatment Plant

A small sewage treatment plant helps cleaning the wastewater in rural areas from households, campsites etc.

BIO-BLOK® helps by increasing the surface area to provide more microorganisms enabling a compact, efficent system.


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