Trickling Filter

A trickling filter is the perfect option for roughing your wastewater and can also be combined with other systems to meet low discharge values of organic compounds and nitrogen with minimum amount of energy usage.

BIO-BLOK® is very easy to install and is perfect to put in your new tickling filter.

Submerged Aerated Filter

A submerged aerated filter (SAF) is often used for reduction of organic compounds and ammonia.

It uses a media to provide surface area for microorganisms and oxygen diffusers to aerate the water.

The open tubes and shape of the block give a longer travel way for the water which makes a greater interaction between oxygen and water and gives you an energy efficient system.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

A Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) provides a larger surface area pr volume which enhances the reduction, especially ammonia.

With BIO-BLOK® Random you will have a strong carrier which does not break down and provides an active surface so that the given surface area is all active.

Contact Filtration

Contact filtration or tube settler is used to reduce suspended solids (SS). The particles will be pushed together to create flocs which will settle at low hydraulic load (approx. 0.5 m3/(m2 x h)).

BIO-BLOK® is based on a helical chord which gives ideal conditions for the particles to attach to each other and hereby create larger particles which have a higher settling velocity.

By using BIO-BLOK® you can reduce the tank size needed for removing suspended solids.


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