Municipality –
Wastewater Treatment
As the cities develop increased capacity is needed in existing asset. BIO-BLOK® helps increasing the capacity by providing a high available surface area.
Industrial –
Wastewater Treatment
Often industrial wastewater is hard contaminated and very variable in both concentration and flow. The microorganisms growing on the BIO-BLOK® is protected by a biofilm which is more resistant to shock loads.
Domestic –
Wastewater Treatment
Rural areas are often NOT connected to a sewer system, why the wastewater should be treated locally. BIO-BLOK® helps you make a compact system with good treatment quality.
Biofilter –
No matter if you have a flow through or recirculation fish farm, it is important to have good water quality for optimum growth conditions for your fish. BIO-BLOK® provides a high active biological surface which breaks down suspended particles, organic compounds and reduces nitrogen.
Aeration / Degassing –
Oxygenated water and low CO2 level in water is essential for optimum water quality in your fish farm. BIO-BLOK® is used as a trickling filter which gives you an energy efficient system.
Sludge Treatment –
When the water is discharged from the fish farm, it should be treated to make sure the nearby water body and environment is not damaged. BIO-BLOK® is used for breaking down the pollutants in the discharged water
Stormwater Management
Rain- and stormwater is valuable resource which can be reused for drought periods. Peaks of stormwater can overload the nearby water body and contribute with contamination if it is not treated.

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